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Building Resiliency in Children who Experience Adverse Childhood Experiences with Dr. Linda O'Neil

Linda is a long-time northerner from the far northwest corner of BC who practiced in that area for many years. She holds a BA in Child and Youth Care, an MEd in Counselling Psychology, and a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria and is a certified counselor and trauma specialist. Linda’s research focuses on: trauma-informed practice and trauma-specific interventions, counselors and other helping practitioners working in isolated settings; secondary trauma experienced by practitioners; complex trauma (Developmental Trauma Disorder); historical and inter-generational trauma; and counselling and research ethics related to northern practice. On March 3, 2020, Dr. O'Neil came to our community to share insights and ideas around supporting young children and families to build resilience. We had 85 people attend and share in dialogue. We all left with lots of good information and practical ways to bring that information back to our Early Years Centres, school classrooms, daycares, afterschool programs, and other early years services.

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