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A Snowy Early Years Gathering

On January 13th 2020 suxkenxitelx kl cecamala early year stable invited community to gather, celebrate our story, and share in a day of learning! Over 70people travelled through one of the Central Okanagan's biggest snow days to get the the Laurel Packing House for this event. We honoured our table, shared our story, launched this website and our video, and got to know one another.

In our efforts to get to know our community in the room we hosted a gigantic people BINGO! People who completed the bingo had their names submitted for door prize draws. Not only did we have a large scale BINGO game we had a "speed" BINGO game! SO much laughter and silliness - good medicine. Thanks to suxkenxitelx kl cecalama for our great door prizes of mugs and Monique Grey Smith's book: Speaking Our Truth.

Keynote presenter Sue Sterling Bur led us through an emotional and personal journey of acknowledging what Truth & Reconciliation really means to us as peoples. Through storytelling Sue guided participants to reflect on their journey, and what they were going to do to make it impactful and meaningful. Her traditional N’lakapamux story of sc’oʕʷ (Sore Man) asked us to listen to the meanings in the story, and how do we see the parallels of our own journeys. Who is the Owl woman in our paths? Who is the Raven? What are sc’oʕʷ (Sore Man) roles and responsibilities in his communities? How does this story fit for reconciliation?

Through powerful questions, we listened, reflected and engaged in deeper dialogue. The participants asked strong questions, and with an authentic open approach a great conversation unfolded.

The day was a great opportunity to build relationships and listen. The Laurel Packing House was alive with the buzz of energy - and the group of ECE students that attended saw the amazing community they were joining!

Interactive Art Project

One of the highlights of the day was an interactive art project.

Prior to this event, at the WFN After School Program, Kim Teichrob posed a question to the children in the child care program: "What is one thing you want adults to do to build connections with you"? The children created artwork depicted their voices: help me, Peace, Love, show me .... were all the beautiful messages from the children. The messages were created in buttons that participants at the event were invited to take away with them as a reminder....this is why we do what we do!

People were proudly wearing their buttons and commenting on the messages from the children.

Then we posed a question to the group....

Now its your turn; reflect on what is important to you and add to our graffiti wall. The question we posed back to the adults in the room was : "what is one thing you do to build connection with children?" People were eager to add, and the messages were heartfelt.

All together the day was a fun learning day - one that we were grateful to share with everyone who attended!

We rounded out our day with a yummy bannock and stew lunch prepared by A Northern Star Catering. Owner and chef Sabrina, and her son, made sure our bodies were well nourished! A big shout out to A Northern Star!

Thank you to all the community that made this event possible: MCFD; Metis Community Services SocietyONA; Westbank First Nation, Laurel Packing House; A Northern Star; SW Audio; Sue Sterling-Bur; Judy Gillespie (UBCO) & Jason Albert (FNUC) ;Kelly H'Lirondelle; and all the volunteers that helped with set up and clean up.

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